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Reactor Maintenance Specialists has a collaborative team of trained catalyst handling technicians, safety professionals, project managers, and sales professionals who work together for safe & successful outcomes.  

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Catalyst Unloading

Gravity & Wet Dumping

Vacuum Fixed Bed Catalyst

Screening Catalyst & Support Material

Inert/Non-inert Reactor Entry

Tubular Reactor Airlance Removal

Catalyst Loading

Fixed Bed Sock/Dense Loading

Primary Reformer Tube Loading

Fixed Bed Inert & Atomospheric Loading

Tubular Reactor Loading

Tubular Differential Pressure Testing


Specialty Units & Reactors

HCU, DHT, GOHT, ISOM Multi-bed Reactors

CCR/Radial Flow Reactors

Primary & Secondary Reformers

HTS, LTS, Methanators

SRU/CLAUS/SCOT/Tailgas Reactors

Dehydrogenation Reactors

Styrene/Polyethylene Reactors

Ammonia Converters

Let’s work together

Why Choose RMS?


Operations based safety culture.

The entire team strives for 24/7/365 Zero Incident safety outcomes.


Each technician brings years of Industry experience, is knowledge tested, hands on tested, and fully trained on Breathing Life Support Systems, Inert Entry, and Advanced Inert Entry Rescue.

Team Approach

From your first point of contact, through the final job evaluation, we commit that we will work as a team to assure a safe catalyst turnaround operation.

Let’s work together

Do you have a Catalyst Unloading / Loading project coming up? Let’s work together

value proposition

Safety & PRODUCTIViTY is our business

As a sister company of JHA Safety & Air-Nu of Baton Rouge, we have access to some of the most talented technicians, industrial experts, training programs, safety professionals and equipment in the country.
If you haven't met our team yet, you will know us by name in short order. Your RMS designated team will stay highly engaged and communicate with your staff throughout the entire process, assuring production, operations, safety, supervisors and project managers are all aware of each phase of the project and the anticipated impact to operations.
Team Communications

Catalyst Handling Services

    Catalyst Unloading (Inert/Non-Inert)
  • Vacuum
  • Dump
  • Catalyst Loading (Inert/Non-Inert)
  • Sock
  • Dense
  • Catalyst Screening
  • CALM (Reformer Tubes)
  • Calydens (Fix Beds)

Safety is #1

Personnel monitoring throughout the process assures our people are safe, safety precautions are being followed, and the work being perform is correct and to your specifications.


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