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catalyst Services

Please reach out to our Business Development staff by filling out the contact form to discuss the details of your project.

Catalyst unloading

Gravity/Wet Dumping

Vacuum Fixed Bed Catalyst

Screening Catalyst & Support Material

Inert/Non-inert Reactor Entry

Tubular Reactor Airlance Removal



Catalyst loading

Inert / Non-inert

Fixed Bed Sock/Dense Loading

Primary Reformer Tube Loading

Fixed Bed Inert & Atmospheric Loading

Tubular Reactor Loading

Tubular Differential Pressure Testing

Video Monitoring

CALM (Reformer Tubes)

Calydens (Fixed beds)

Specialty Units & Reactors

HCU, DHT, GOHT, ISOM, Multi-bed Reactors

CCR/Radial Flow Reactors

Primary & Secondary Reformers

HTS, LTS, Methanators

SRU/CLAUS/SCOT/Tailgas Reactors

Dehydrogenation Reactors

Styrene/Polyethylene Reactors

Ammonia Converters



Cat-Feed Hydrotreaters

Isomerization Units

Naphtha Units

Chloride Treaters

Steam Reformers





Cat Pack Towers/GDU’s


Naphtha Units

Styrene Reactors

Tubular Reactors

High angle rope rescue

Safety. Production. professionalism.

If we can do it Safely,

we will do it.

If we can do it timely, 

we will do it.

If we can complete it with integrity, 

we will do it.

We are currently scheduling jobs for 2022-2023. Let us know if we can help with your next Catalyst service.
What services do you currently need that aren't being fulfilled to your standards or specifications? RMS can bring Catalyst, Safety, and Filtration experts to your location and solve many of the challenges you may be putting off solving.

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