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Reactor Maintenance Specialists is a catalyst services specialty contractor. RMS brings over thirty years of management and field experience to ensure the safe and successful execution of critical reactor maintenance services to the oil, gas and chemical industries, as well as other industrial facilities nationwide.

We have all the components for your next safe and successful project, formed over decades of experience and sizeable investments in equipment, training, and experienced personnel.   Because of our diverse workforce, our employees bring a vast range of experiences from a number of different facilities, projects, and specialties.

We put safety first

Our goals are to uphold the highest levels of Safety, Quality, and Productivity in the catalyst handling industry by delivering to our customers the safest and most experienced professionals on every project.

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Our Values

Commitment to Safety

It’s priority #1 on every job


Once the timeline has been set, our supervisors are laser focused on maintaining the schedule in a safe manner

Team Approach

All members of our team are given the resources needed to get the job done safely


Andre Folse, President

Maurice Moinat, Operations Manager

Sadie Folse, Business Development

Let’s work together

Got a project coming up?

RMS employees are pre-screened and are required to have the requisite knowledge, experience, and physical abilities to perform Catalyst work. Breathing Systems Life Support Systems knowledge and hands on testing is required and performed annually. Extensive inert entry and Advanced Inert Entry Rescue training is also performed on an ongoing basis, with annual refresher trainings.
Because we always want to improve our service delivery, we perform post job client evaluations and internal reviews to make sure each project was given the necessary resources, onsite professionalism, and quality control we expect from our team members.

Team approach

We win and lose as a team, and this culture is instilled in our workforce to provide accountability and motivation to always improve our service delivery.

All the resources you need

Our crews and equipment will provide everything needed to complete your catalyst turnaround project.  To start the process, please provide us with your contact information and a team member will contact you shortly to introduce ourselves and arrange a project scoping meeting to bid on your project.


Let’s work together

Have a catalyst unloading/Loading project? Let’s work together